Monday, February 9, 2009

The Herbal Way ( for the lay ) ;-)

Lately I've been in a winter funk kerplunked is more like it lol . I started this blog awhile back but just did not have the flame to post anything . Then I visited Anne's blog , she has a great call and love of herbs . She also had posted the cutest little spice/herb drawers . You can locate these on ebay .They are just adorable ! I then recieved an e-mail this morning from someone who had visited our blog and I thiers Most of all I felt very much at peace today after reading His word today .In regards to creation , life , the many splendid gifts He has created and given .
My husband and I have always been open to natural remedies , eating living and have in our adults lives a good 25 yrs experience be it using white flower oil for congestion to sniffing garlic water for a sinus infection . I believe it was lobelia that help me not miscarry our second child . Cramp bark really does work for terrible cramps and goldenseal healed my uterus of a nasty infection .
I love herbs and thier many different uses and meanings . I also love that as we age we realize how little we know and how an intimate relationship with just a few herbs our Creator wishes us to be and use . My favorite herb right now is rosemary . This herb as a culinary is my fav on lamb or mixed with parlsey and garlic on roasted potatoes . I use this herb alos in an olive oil hair rub for my hair . I suffer much from dry skin as well as ecsema during the winter months . Oilive oil was one of the only oils I can use on my ecsema . Normally during prenancy or for just a regular oil bath I always use coconut oil .However coconut oil will make my ecsema flare up something awful . I try at least once per month to do my hair . I have a nice little copper bottom bowl I use to heat up my oil .I could have bought the matching stand from the east indian store but it is terribly expensive .So I just took an old canned tomatoe can and punched holes all round the bottom of the can so candles can get air . I then place 1-3 tealights in the bottom .I place my little bowl on top and simmer my oil and which ever herbs , flowers I like . Once left to infuse I then let it cool and strain . I coat my hair while in the tub this way my whole body will also benefit from the oil . Scent is also very spiritually uplifting so one can make a whole event out of the experience ;-) I like to light candles around the tub and I even now have my own special towels I found at the MCC thrift ;-)
Lately my lastest fav book to read is by Jeanne Rose Herbal Body Book . I also really have enjoyed her Herbs and Things . I truely believe it is important to include our children in regards to our herbal lore . Really my knowledge of herbs or rather just the use of all natural plant life in our own daily life began as an infant . It just comes naturally to pick off wild roses and eat them or boil up some pigweed for dinner because this is what was offered to me as a child . I found this nice book last year to use along with the children . I really liked the ginger candy although it was kind of gooey ;-) .
I am also one who believes very strongly that if we are working well with Him and truely intune with our bodies spiritually , physically etc. He lets us know what to do be it to use an herb , seek out the proper person to help us or find the right book ;-) Even the right saint for a certain ailment ;-) So if a person has a question regarding health etc. and wishes to perhaps go the herbal route I always suggest prayer first . Go to Him and ask .Sometimes we just forget .
I 'm hoping to get some book lists up and will try and post our yummy easy granola recipe as well .


Anne (aussieannie) said...

I am glad to be here! I wanted to leave you this link: because when I saw the name of this company and Our Lady in it, I thought of you, actually I thought of us both!!

I love where you say for people to pray first, this is so true, it's like putting the horse before the cart. I find too, that God often leads you in such a precise way to the right things you need.

little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Oh Anne Thank You ! sorry I did not see your comment until today ! God Bless you ;-) much love to You